POA. The ProFlex120 abounds with features not found in competitive units. We know everyone is feeling the pinch so why buy an expensive ride on mower that can only be used for one function? With the ProFlex there is absolutely no need to compromise on the quality of cut and it allows you to utilise your tractor for other uses when not mowing - you know it makes sense. Some of the key features are: - A full frame which provides the ability to mow while backing up. - Adjustable discharge deflectors for clean even discharge of clippings. - High blade tip speed for a second to none after cut appearance. - Each deck is equipped with a shock absorber that keeps the deck from bouncing, thus providing a smooth even cut at speeds up to 6 mph. this increases productivity while maintaining quality of cut. If you require a mower with antiscalp contour following capabilities, you need a ProFlex120. It will give you years of reliable performance and is the most economical machine of its type today. Contact us today if you would like to see this machine in action and we will happily come and demo it for you. Recommended HP:30 - 40 Cutting Width: 3m Cutting Height: 1" to 3 1/4"

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