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GKB Sandfiller

GKB Sandfiller

2018 • 2

GKB Sandfiller,  One of the Market leaders in thatch removal/sand injection machines. Comes with either 2,3,4mm blade options. This machine is ideal for placing large amounts of sand in the right place, whilst in turn removing thatch and dead material comfortably between 20-30mm down into the turf surface, just where you need it the most. This machine cleans up as it goes, leaving a clean and tidy job, ready for play after a light brush! ...

Hire Rates

1 Day £350.00
Extra day £300.00
5 days £1,500.00
Month £
John Deere 3720 45HP Compact Tractor

John Deere 3720 Galaxy Tyres


Compact Tractor On Turf Tyres. Suitable for Greens work. Powerful engine plus 4 port hydraulics and 540/540E rear PTO ...

Hire Rates

1 Day £200.00
Extra day £175.00
5 days £675.00
Month £1,200.00
McConnel Robocut

Mcconnel Robocut Classic

2019 • 5

Available for hire the safest, most efficient way of mowing banks up to 55 degrees. This machine also clears scrub at an impressive rate, effortlessly cutting through brush/brambles/scrub. The machine is up to 25 times quicker than manual mowing/clearing. 40HP Flail head mower will cut through brush with up to 2" (50mm), in stalk diameter. Leaves a great even cut finish, far superior to most rotary mowers. Available for day/week hire, with or without operator. Prices below are based on hir...

Hire Rates

1 Day £350.00
Extra day £250.00
5 days £1,250.00
Month £3,000.00